As I look at all these comments I think folks are blurring the lines between exercise for the goal of fitness and exercise (physical activity) for the goal of health. Fitness aside (what sports/athletes do) - resistance training is indeed medicine. The modes of resistance training are many. Reistance training as opposed to cardiovascular training (a walk/run) have different benefits. Increase metabolism, improved physical performance (so you can do all the 'blue zone' movements better), cognitive abilities, self esteem. And can help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity, and improve cardiovascular health by increasing HDL, decreasing LDL, cholesterol , reverse the aging factors of skeletal muscle and much more. There are some body movements that can achieve this rather than the ol' weights/weight room. I think something I don’t necessarily agree with the original poster on is the 'just get out of the gym and do daily activities' notion of physical activity for health. This is studied extensively and in sports psychology and motivation. Usually there is a gradual progression that occurs when getting physically healthy. The gym is/weights/treadmill are usually used to as an easy entrance into the realm of movement for health. Once folks get healthier and feel better and more confident they tend to expand on those activities. Take a walk, take the stairs, go build a garden, try new different activities, until a point may be reached where they then participate in activities they found they enjoy that they may not have considered before, that also include physical activity. And it’s physical activity for the sake of enjoyment as well as health. Hiking, Kayaking, biking to work, rock climbing, paddle board, pick up basketball or soccer. etc. I think calling for folks to 'ditch the gym' may be a bit premature. Though adding in some of these activities he refers to as alternatives or supplemental, for those folks that need that motivation - is awesome.

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